Friday, 19 February 2010

Thursday: Stuff that has cheered me up today.

Image taken by Edward Petherbridge.
Today as I walked into the New Town in Edinburgh, I passed Dylan Moran. He was dishevelled and carrying an old fashioned bird cage. He was inches distance from me and I had to hold in the urge to say hello to him. Maybe I should have said hiya, but I don't know him, and as much as I like to kid myself that if I ever encountered anyone famous whom I admired, I would be charming, witty and cool, I fear I'd merely melt into the gibbering, idiotic wreck who says inappropriate things because I think they are funny. So instead I walked past him and blurted out to my flatmate 'that's Dylan Moran!' in my stupid too loud voice which he is sure to have heard. Still, this is my first celebrity spot of the new year and therefore is in itself rather pleasing, particularly since I ended last year on Menzies Campbell.
In other news a few days ago I read an article on the BBC website that got me to thinking. It was about a cat that got its head stuck in a can of pet food. The theory goes that the poor wee thing was scavenging for food and managed to get his head stuck in the discarded tin. So far, so very sad. Still, I couldn't help but wonder why the BBC felt it was appropriate to head the article with a picture of said cat with the tin stuck firmly on his head. Someone obviously whipped out their digital camera before the can was removed from the distressed animal. Then someone at the BBC thought it was important to illustrate a story that's description is blatantly obvious with a distressing image. No wonder then, that I couldn't help but think the picture had been put there merely for amusement. On the face of it 'mog gets head stuck in tin can' sounds pretty darn funny, so an illustrative image is sure to inspire subsequent chuckles. Not that I laughed or anything.
And if you are wondering about the dog in the picture that heads this silly wee blog entry, his, no wait sorry, her, name is Bean. She's a rescue pup of ambiguious gender and she lives with Edward Petherbridge (star of stage and screen and my flatmate's father). She's just here because she's insanely cute in a rodenty/Chihuahua way. As far as I know she's never got her head stuck in a can of Pedigree Chum.
(p.s there seems to be some sort of weird formatting thing going on here were it won't let me make proper spaces between paragraphs. Since nobody reads this anyway I shouldn't let it raise my blood pressure, but damn I'm an English lit graduate and this kind of thing is simply not acceptable.)

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