Tuesday, 16 February 2010

No More I Love You's ...

I re-read over my last post, as I am prone to do, then re-read over it and re-read over it again. Its a bad habit and I ought to just leave the words be, but still its good for finding errant spelling errors and the kinds of embarrassing grammatical mistakes that send me hiding under my duvet in shame.

Anyway, while reading over my previous post 'Things that made last week better' I realised in total horror that I had said 'l love' more than once in the one blog. Given I wrote it the day after Valentines one might be forgiven for thinking I'd been merely swept up in the hearts, fluff and what I rather oddly said in the supermarket on Sunday 'bunny rabbits' of the commercialisation of romance. But no. I won't be drawn into such pathetic excuses. I am a Scot, a proud Scot at that, and we don't say things like 'I love' flippantly, not unless of course, we are extremely inebriated and then we are want to say all manner of extraordinary things.

And anyway I didn't spend Valentines day up to my ears in hearts and roses, oh no, on Cupid's day, St Valentine's night I walked to Waitrose. And that's it. Its not all bad though, Waitrose is a rather upmarket supermarket were there are no plebeian 3 for 2's and special deals. Well I tell a lie there was a BOGOF on condoms, but I let this go because it was Valentines day after all and there are enough unwanted babies in the world... Plus, I went to the one in Morningside in Edinburgh, which is what I had always considered quite a nice area. Given this naive assumption I did observe to my flatmate that 'I didn't think beggars were allowed in Morningside'. Thankfully she gets my black comedy.

Anyway I digress, I just wanted to clear up that I don't say 'I love' regularly, certainly not to people. We'll not real people anyway. I do have a good and pure love for Leonardo Di Caprio which however much I try to shake off, I fear will haunt me forever. Damn you Jack Dawson!

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