Monday, 8 February 2010

Life For Rent

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'If my life is for rent, and I don't learn to buy, then I deserve nothing more than I get, coz nothing I have is truely mine ...'

There's not really much more I can say today other than that Dido song 'Life for Rent' pretty much sums up how I feel about my life at the moment. Everything is in limbo and its not nearly as much fun as the party game with the pole that gets closer to the floor. And if it were, my bum would be hitting it countless times over.

I used to listen to Dido a lot when I was sixteen, self-indulgently thinking her first album 'No Angel' projected my teenage angst, and I suppose it did with all that mournful warbling about 'just wanting to be happy in my own skin.'

Thankfully to some, Dido appears to have stopped making music. Maybe she worked through her misery and felt it selfish to continue to inflict her middle class torture on the world. There are after all people with real problems. There are horrific things in the news that I don't feel the need to patronise one with by listing here.

Still 'Life for Rent' sums up how I feel today, I'm neither fully living in the world, nor entirely out of it, I'm just existing.

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