Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A Storm in a Mooncup

Its official, menstruation is cool. No more shamefully stuffing your tampons up your shirt sleeve as you slope off to the bogs. No more embarrassed cheeks aflush as you hand over cash for fanny pads, as if they were counterfeit goods purchased on the black market. Girls rejoice for the monthly bleed is not only natural, it’s sexy. No really, a few weeks ago The Guardian ran a spate of splinter life and style articles celebrating all things menarche. From the delightful period lipstick, to the life-changing effects of the Mooncup, women all over the west are ripping off their clothes and howling at the moon. And if you are in doubt over the validity of this statement just check out Shakira’s latest video for ‘She Wolf’ – a wonderful example of not so much PMT as pre-menstrual sexual tension.

In the video Shakira is lured by the glow of the full moon into her closet, adorned not by Jimmy Choos and not so much a secret passageway to Narnia, but rather the entrance to a cavernous and glittering womb. Cue costume change and we find Shakira writhing around in a cage in a barely there nude jump suit. Come on don’t tell me you haven’t been tempted to put on a flesh coloured leotard mid flow. ‘She Wolf’ is as shamelessly sexually provocative as a music video comes, but coupled with the bizarre concept of ‘Lycanthropy’ (behaviour governed by the movement of the moon) and its thoroughly pleasant 70’s disco synths it’s proving to be a big hit on Youtube. I’ll put the vast majority of the viral interest down to Shakira’s slick as a cat dance moves and her perfectly formed derriere, but if the video is fairly standard fare, its subject matter is at least seemingly subversive. Particular lyrical highlights include ‘I’m starting to feel just a little abused, like a coffee machine in an office’ – now that’s got premenstrual irrationality written all over it.

Ah Woo ...

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