Sunday, 5 September 2010

Breakfast back to normality

A poem from the actor who needs no introduction -

Improvised Verse On A Rainy Sunday

By Edward Petherbridge

I'm off to buy organic eggs
I'll pass through dross and doubt and dregs

This is how I spend my day
So let the rain clouds have their say

And if I can I'll make a joke

Look forward to the golden yoke

Image by Dora Petherbridge

During this year’s Edinburgh festival one of the many things that kept me going was the promise I made to myself that the first Sunday after the fringe I’d make a glorious breakfast of scrambled eggs. It’s funny how these simple things can keep you going, for after a month of eating pre-packaged sandwiches and more takeaways for dinner than I care to recount, all I craved was a decent, honest Sunday breakfast.

Image by Dora Petherbridge

Coincidentally this day falls on tonight’s close to the Edinburgh International Festival, when a beautiful fireworks display will light up the sky above the castle. Yesterday I noticed the first leaves of the trees beginning to make the change from lush green to rusty red – autumns’ not far from us now (although we are experiencing what I assume are the last summer days with unseasonably warm sunshine). All good things must come to an end though and with the change of seasons will bring the good – a new wardrobe, oh how I enjoy winter clothes, and the not so good – shorter days and darker mornings. As we bid farewell to another crop of Augusts’ festival characters Edinburgh will for a short time enter a slightly calmer phase. This is at least until the hustle and bustle starts again with the beginnings of the winter festival.

Hello to all my new readers!


  1. As JB Priestley's Delight and your post this week prove, such simple pleasures as scrambled eggs and toast, and each season's dying fall, are to be celebrated and richly enjoyed - life's 'golden yolk'.

    There will shortly appear on Edward's blog another example of his gift for poetry and philosophy - a short film no less.

    Thank you again, Ruth, Dora and Edward. xxx

  2. Dear Ruth,

    I was reading your post - I must have missed my name because it took me some time to actually recognize the poem as mine!

    I'm touched that you used it in the context of this plangeant post.

    All the best, Edward P.

  3. Hello, your golden yokes look tremendous! And I had the simple pleasure, to borrow Kathleen's phrase, of richly enjoying them! Also - I very much enjoyed this post, with its moments of rich yet simple detail.

    D xx

  4. Lovely comments! Thank you all xxx

  5. Just the photos are making me hungry, I started following you because of your name :) I am also a Ruth..nicknamed Ruthie "for short" and as my surname is Johnston .. it is always Ruthie J when someone mentions me.
    I haven't been online much lately ..just manically busy but will try and catch up with some of your older posts.
    Great blog xx

  6. "Do you know what breakfast cereal is made of? It's made of all those little curly wooden shavings you find in pencil sharpeners!" -

    Just as well we had eggs then,

    Dora xx

    Quote from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.