Monday, 2 August 2010

In which Edward responds ...

Please forgive another foray into Edward Petherbridge’s colourful world. In response to Saturday’s post Edward emailed me this amazing insight into his weekend – a story of dogs, iPhones, toilet seats and nature. I couldn’t possibly allow such a story to languish in my inbox. And so with his permission I’m posting it here. If I have inspired this then it must be encouraged with a grand acknowledgement. Here we go:

‘Well! I see my iPhone features prominently – I was offered it as an upgrade to replace a lost, much humbler mobile, and now I notice 'everybody' seems to have one. I was being chaperoned by Bean yesterday on our local green and got talking to an iPhone owner, a young woman on a park bench; I was lamenting that I didn't know how to send a text. There and then she offered to demonstrate! I must send a text before I forget how – if it's not already too late. I believe I could make a short film on my iPhone to enter into the Sundance Film Festival if I could find out how to use the camera facility – I haven't even managed to take a snap with it yet – pathetic when you consider how cumbersome my lap top web-cam is...perhaps I should take Bean for another walk on the green...

Meanwhile I have created an image in pastel on paper in just two sessions over two days and I am daring to feature it on my weekly posting this week end (forgive me if this sounds like advertising) – yesterday I had had a particularly laboriously mundane day spent schlepping in Cricklewood and Kilburn, buying a new lavatory seat amongst other things, but God I am so lucky to be able to go from the Kilburn High Road (one of man's less happy creations) to sunlit woods on Hampstead Heath – where God does most of the creating. I am convinced that the sylvan interlude gave me the energy to finish the drawing... Felicitations, Edward.’

In case you are wondering who Bean is, she’s Edward’s dog, a rescue orphan terrier mix.

Ambassador Bean by Dora Petherbridge


  1. It took me two days to get used to my iPhone then I was hopelessly addicted. Sadly I only had it for six weeks and it got run over by a taxi. I will collect my new one early next week and cannot wait.

    Bean is absolutely gorgeous xx

  2. I don't think I'd even know where to begin with an iPhone, especially given as you may recall from one of my much earlier posts that I don't have a mobile phone. I don't know how I've managed it but I've gone over a year without one! There's surely a blog post in that! I shall pass on your compliment to Bean, she'll be very flattered! xx