Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The flatmate and the film

So I’ve been having a pretty rubbish week. I wish to remain opaque about the whole thing but I’ll say this; I’ve been upset by unkind and hurtful words, not in the blogsphere I hasten to add, you are lovely people, but in real life. Funny old thing this living business, you’d think your fellow peoples would make it easier on you, but quite often it goes the opposite way. Still, none of this is the end of the world: I have our view -

Photograph by Dora Petherbridge

and my fantastic flatmate, who incidentally is rather a lot more than that. She’s my best friend and she’s been looking after me in my hour of need.

So on Monday evening she took me to see the movie Inception. She promised it would be visually spectacular and provide a welcome respite from a week of bullshit. Indeed in the movie we entered a dream world, of which I don’t want to give anything away. Just go and see it. To describe this film would be as if to describe that amazing dream you had last night, the one where that awesome thing happened with that person, you know who ... erm oh wait, it wasn’t like that, or was it? I’ve said enough, it’s boring when people recount their dreams, they are always so imperfectly told. Suffice to say Inception was an exceptional piece of visual cinema with a wonderful cast – Leonardo DiCaprio, Marian Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were particular highlights.

We saw the film in our favourite ‘retro-tastic’ (yes, I coined the phrase) independent cinema and it played to a packed audience buzzing with a sense of excitement, the likes of which surely hasn’t been seen since the last media-hyped blockbuster I went to see. That was probably in 1998, and I think the film was called Titanic. It certainly wasn’t a film about blue people. The less said about that the better ...

By way of a bit of social documentation Dora felt the need to take some snap shots of the cinema and the film poster. So here you go -

Retro cinema sign advertising the latest films. How often do you see one of those nowadays? Not often enough surely. Photograph by Dora Petherbridge

And for good measure, the film poster. Photograph by Dora Petherbridge

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