Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Happy Birthday Ange!

Glorious Angela, our very own holy messenger! Oh god ...

I am currently somewhat absorbed by an imminent trip to Manchester. All thoughts of feminism, volcanoes, general elections and existential crises have temporarily been put on hold. As this will be my first holiday in 6 years - unless you count a trip to Glasgow for a funeral and an unfortunate visit to Helensburgh last year.

So in the midst of frantic outfit preparation, my flatmate's unrelenting need to organise everything about this journey down to when we shall have toilet breaks (honestly you'd think she was my carer) and for as long as the dongle will hold out, I just wanted to wish my good friend Angela a very happy birthday. On Saturday we spent a delightful evening at Ciao Roma, a restaurant so resplendent in all things Italianate, that the place was positively throbbing with eroticism. I have never ate surrounded by so many naked statues and I did Classics at university, so that is saying something.

Angela is amongst other things, a huge fan - in no particular order of - glasses, bicycles, Highland Cattle, pasta, thighs, running and Marylin Monroe. She also describes Louis Theroux as 'beautiful.' With this in mind it will perhaps come as no surprise that she boasts the accolade of being the most positive person I've met. Angela is also the only person I know who could get away with serving a 'special' shepherd's pie of ratatouille, pesto mash and halloumi cheese, on spirit and good looks alone.

Happy Birthday Angela!


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