Thursday, 21 January 2010

And the winner is ...

Its not like me, but today is one of those days when I am stuck for anything enlightening, funny or otherwise to say. So these are the things that have been occupying my mind over the past few days.

The Golden Globes - or more particularly and uncharacteristically girly, the ladies' frocks. I was fascinated by the amount of nude on display. Not flesh but nude coloured dresses, something which appears to me at least, to be infinitely classy, demanding a near perfect shape and innate 40's glamour. A particular highlight in this category was Drew Barrymore. Yep I know she took flack for the sparkly one shoulder thing but I personally liked it and loved her hair. Plus she always seems to be happy just to be there. Then there was Maggie Gyllenhall, all statuesque and classy. And injecting a bit of colour and ever the red carpet favourite in my house, we had Cameron Diaz. What a shame it was that it rained on all those poor actors and actresses ...

It was funny to contrast this award ceremony with the NTAs the other night and the dresses wearing the celebs there. The sheer cacophony of tacky, brightly coloured satin on display was breathtaking, and hands down winner for awfulness has to be Katie Price. In an unseasonal floral, silky maxi dress that conveniently matched her blue/black hair extensions, she was ahem, priceless. Yet it struck me, that of course the fashion had to be bright, awful, tacky, individual and shiny because we were in Britain. After all the attendees of the NTA's are only richer versions of the sorts of people (god love them) we see in many of our citys and town centres on a Saturday night.

Unlike the Golden Globes and its old soul Hollywood glamour, here in Blighty we opt for a semblance of social realism. That Sarah Brown posts pictures of herself with Danni Minogue and Cheryl Cole on Twitter is surely testimony enough to the old Ali G adage of us 'keeping it real'. And yes it might take Michelle Heaton's perma tan to remind me of this sometimes, but that we have it at all, is a wonderful thing.

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